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New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology

Upcoming events

    • 20 Dec 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Wasserman Career Center: 133 E 13th Street, 2nd Floor, NY NY

    A Journey through an IO Career

    Ever pondered the path from academic to consultant, consultant to entrepreneur, and beyond? Sandra Hartog, Ph.D., embarked on a journey that transitioned her from a full-time tenure-tracked Industrial-Organizational academic to an independent consultant. She then became the founder of a boutique I/O consulting firm and ventured into technology entrepreneurship by conceiving and leading the development of a groundbreaking technology-enhanced "day in the life" assessment platform.

    Her firm, Sandra Hartog & Associates/Fenestra, went on to establish a global business presence that strived to balance the rigor of scientific best practice with the evolving needs of business clients. Her firm was then acquired by the publicly traded global strategy consulting firm BTS. Sandra, along with her exceptional team, played a pivotal role in expanding BTS's offerings and creating innovative assessment and development solutions for a global clientele, thereby shaping a distinctive business practice.

    Now, as Partner Emeritus at BTS, Sandra reflects on her journey and contemplates what lies ahead. Join us as Sandra Hartog provides an overview of her career and imparts valuable insights and learnings gained along the way. A significant part of the time will be spent answering any and all audience questions.

    Presenter Bios

    As a Partner Emeritus in the BTS Assessment Practice, Sandra’s focus is on thought leadership on high potential assessment and development, strategic succession planning, development, and expansion of the global assessment practice. Prior to BTS, Sandra was President and CEO of Fenestra, Inc., a leading provider of global talent management and technology solutions acquired by BTS in 2014. While leading Fenestra, Inc., Sandra and her partners were best known for creating and deploying some of the first virtual, Day-in-the-Life assessments and expanding technology-enhanced assessment centers. This framework became the cornerstone of much of her work for the next 20 years as she grew her firm and contributed to the larger assessment and development community. Sandra also has extensive experience in strategic succession management, executive coaching of senior and C-suite leaders, individual and group assessment for development and selection, leadership competency studies, enhanced 360° feedback design, assessment and feedback delivery, and developmental action planning.

    Sandra has more than 35 years of experience as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and other organizations, including Edward Jones, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, General Electric, UBS, New York Life Insurance, Kellogg’s, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Interpublic Group, Anthem, Mercer, RedHat, MetLife, Siemens, Verizon, and others. Additionally, a seasoned executive coach, Sandra has worked in range of industries with numerous executives and senior leaders across the globe.

    Sandra is a frequent contributor to the field of Organizational-Industrial Psychology with over 40 research articles, book chapters, presentations, and workshops. She has served as an international keynote speaker and presents extensively at professional conferences on technology-enhanced assessment, high potential assessment and development, strategic succession management. She has recently co-authored a chapter on Assessment Centers for Adult Development for the Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning (2020) and co-authored a chapter for the 2023 SIOP Professional Practice Series on Technology Assessment of Talent.

    Sandra began her career as a full-time academic before switching the balance to consulting while continuing to teach. She has taught executive MBA courses on Assessment and Development at the Zicklin School of Business/Baruch College in Singapore and was an Adjunct Professor at New York University in the graduate school of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Sandra is a member of the American Psychological Association, The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychologists.

    Event Details


    Wednesday, December 20th


    5:45 pm-8:00 pm


    NYU Wasserman Center

    The Wasserman Center for Career Development is New York University’s central career development resource, providing services and support to undergraduate students, graduate and graduate certificate students, postdocs, and alumni with a bachelor’s, master’s, graduate certificate, or doctoral degree from nearly every NYU school.

    133 E 13th Street, 2nd Floor, NY NY

    • 29 Feb 2024
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Wasserman Career Center: 133 E 13th Street, 2nd Floor, NY NY

    Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings

    There are approximately 200 million 1:1 meetings a day around the globe. Yet, the research clearly shows that 1) the effectiveness of these meetings is far from optimal; 2) that managers self-ratings of their skills in conducting these meetings is inflated and not aligned with their directs. Hence, an incredible opportunity exists to fill the skills gap and maximize return of a tremendous time investment. 

    1:1s could be one of the most critical meeting types for the success of team members, manager, teams, and organizations. The best managers recognize that 1:1s are not an add-on to their role as a manager—conducting 1:1s successfully ARE foundational to being a manager. In many regards, these 1:1s are where leadership really happens in a deep and meaningful way. When a manager fully embraces this, the potential of 1:1s for transforming their people and their team can be realized. Successful 1:1s positively affect day-to-day activities through discussion of productivity blockers, coordination, and alignment. And, they are also so much more. Namely, these meetings fundamentally influence a direct report’s experience at work, including how they engage and attach to their role, perceive the effectiveness of their manager as a leader, and envision their future at the organization. 1:1s also promote manager success. Namely, effective 1:1s make team members more focused, engaged, aligned, and successful - managers are judged by the success and achievements of those they lead. 

    Despite 1:1s filling managers’ calendars, meaningful guidance on how to conduct them effectively is quite sparse. This session is about how to realize the full potential of every 1:1 meeting, without feeling like you are just wallowing in wasted meeting time.

    Leveraging research and evidence Dr. Rogelberg has collected over 20 years from leaders, directs, and c-suite leaders from some of the most respected companies in the world, some of the topics covered during this event include: 

    • Why effective 1:1s are critical to your success and the success of your team – contrasting with ad hoc meeting approaches
    • Keys to success and 10 common mistakes to avoid
    • How to personalize your 1:1 approach to fit you and your direct reports – one size does not fit all
    • Messaging and positioning 1:1s for maximum value
    • Finding the correct 1:1 cadence and meeting length to maximize positive impact without over-meeting
    • Managing the intricate balance of productivity-building, relationship-building, and employee development
    • Designing 1:1s with intentionality, from where to conduct the meeting (e.g., virtual) to building agendas to optimize effectiveness
    • Acting as leader coach and leveraging key skills around facilitation, listening, and feedback-giving
    • How to evaluate if your 1:1s are actually working as hoped.
    • Leveraging skip-level 1:1s

    Importantly, while this session focusses on the manager/direct report 1:1, learnings are highly relevant to 1:1s with peers, customers, and skip-levels. 

    Speaker Bio

    Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg, an organizational psychologist, holds the title of Chancellor’s Professor at UNC Charlotte for distinguished national, international and interdisciplinary contributions.  He is an award-winning teacher and recipient of the very prestigious Humboldt Award for his research on meetings.  Adam Grant has called Steven the “worlds leading expert on how to fix meetings”.

    Dr. Rogelberg’s previous book, The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance (Oxford) has been on over 25 “best of” lists including being recognized by the Washington Post as the #1 leadership book to watch for,  His forthcoming book, Glad We Met: The Art and Science of 1:1 Meetings comes out in January and is already receiving tremendous praise, for example Dan Pink writes: The world’s leading scholar of meetings unpacks the most important meeting of all — direct conversations between managers and team members. Rooted in deep research and replete with actionable takeaways, this book will transform how — and why — you conduct these essential encounters. GLAD WE MET is an urgent read for anyone trying to find their footing on the modern workplace’s new terrain.

    Rogelberg has been interviewed or featured on major TV broadcasts (e.g.  CBS This Morning, multiple times on CNN, BBC World), radio (e.g., NPR’s Morning Edition), leading podcasts (e.g., Freakonomics, HBR IdeaCast; Dan Pink, Bloomberg News), and in most major newspapers and magazines (e.g., WSJ, Bloomberg, NY Times, London Guardian, New York Magazine, and National Geographic magazine). 

    Rogelberg’s keynotes on meetings span the globe and occur at the world’s leading organizations including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Amazon, Pfizer, Cisco, Bank of America, PayPal, Dell, The United Nations, 3M, RAND, The Security Exchange Commission, Corning, Siemens, London Stock Exchange, TIAA, and Warner Brothers.  

    Rogelberg was invited and testified to the US Congress (2022) on the topic of being successful and engaging others in very difficult working environments – using organizational psychology to elevate members of congress, their staffs, and the institution.

    Invited and named to the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Group, “100 Coaches Community brings together the world’s premier leadership thinkers” to seek ways to advance positive impact and give back to society. 

    Dr. Rogelberg has run three consulting centers, engaged with many Fortune 500 companies, and served on multiple advisory boards.  He founded and currently directs two large outreach initiatives, spanning 8 universities, focusing on nonprofit organization effectiveness. Over 5000 nonprofits have been served.

    He was the inaugural winner of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Humanitarian Award and just finished his term as President of SIOP, the largest professional organizational in the world for I-O psychology.

    He has been a visiting scholar and guest speaker at universities around the world including: Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), Peking University (China),  University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Reykjavik  University (Iceland), Hong Kong Baptist University, The University of Sheffield (England), The University of Zurich (Switzerland), The University of Tel Aviv (Israel), Technion University (Israel), Concordia University (Canada), the University of Mannheim (Germany) and Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).

    Before completing his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Connecticut in 1994, he received his undergraduate B.Sc. degree from Tufts University in 1989.

    Please visit Stevenrogelberg.com for more information.

    Event Location Details


    Thursday, February 29th 


    6 pm-8:00 pm


    NYU Wasserman Center

    The Wasserman Center for Career Development is New York University’s central career development resource, providing services and support to undergraduate students, graduate and graduate certificate students, postdocs, and alumni with a bachelor’s, master’s, graduate certificate, or doctoral degree from nearly every NYU school. 

    133 E 13th Street, 2nd Floor

    NY, NY

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