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Gavan O’Shea - New Avenues for Media Simulation: Assessment for Development & PO Fit

  • NYU Wasserman Center 133 West 13th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Metro is excited to announce the next event of the year with Gavan O’Shea from HumRRO! Below is a description of the event as well as our presenter's bio. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Title: New Avenues for Rich-Media Simulation: Assessment for Development and Person-Job Fit

Event Description: During the past seven years, Gavan has led the development of rich-media “day in the life” simulation assessments for use in high-stakes selection and promotion settings. The unique features of these assessments include their 1) customized reflection of a target job or occupation, 2) integration of assessment methods typically seen as discrete (e.g., virtual role play, analysis exercise, virtual In-Box), 3) use of branching in response to the user’s unique choices, 4) diverse range of closed-end question types (e.g., effectiveness, prioritization, criticality), and 5) potential to generate immediate feedback.

Following a brief presentation and demonstration of these features, Gavan will discuss two new contexts where these simulations are being fruitfully used:

  • Assessment for Development: By linking each response to a target competency and providing developmental resources in a feedback report, rich-media simulations can become tools for growth. The scenarios and characters included in the assessment can also help generate powerful coaching conversations (i.e., “Why do you think William got so upset with Julia?” and “What would you have done in that situation?”).
  • Person-Job Fit: Rich-media simulations not only provide a more dynamic, engaging way to understand a job or occupation than traditional realistic job previews do—by integrating an assessment component, they can also provide real-time feedback to help users evaluate whether a job is a good match with their skills, interests, and experience.

Presenter's Bio: Gavan O’Shea is the Director of Private Sector Talent Management and a Senior Staff Scientist at Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO). His work has involved leadership assessment using 360-degree feedback, rich-media simulations, and assessment centers; as well as employee selection, promotion, and development in the energy, aviation, and U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities. Gavan has an M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Villanova and a Ph.D. in I-O Psychology from Virginia Tech.

NEW STARTING THIS EVENT! Two members are welcome to dinner post-presentation with the board and presenter. This is first come, first serve to any two Metro members attending dinner immediately after the presentation. Email to reserve your seat!


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