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Michel Buffet - Leadership Resilience: Building Strength and Enabling Performance during Times of Change

  • NYU Wasserman Center 133 East 13th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Metro is excited to announce Dr. Michel Buffet as the organization's next speaker on Tuesday, January 9th! Below is information on Dr. Buffet's talk along with his bio. We look forward to seeing you there! You can register now by clicking on the button at the end of the bio.

Despite businesses investing over $60 billion in change management systems, frameworks, and skills each year in the US alone, change efforts repeatedly fail. As 98% of organizations report having experienced some kind of major organizational change over the last five years – the most common being restructuring, leadership change, and downsizing - people are experiencing change at unprecedented levels. As a result, when firms engage in change efforts, they are effectively building on moving ground. In their approach to change, organizations have primarily focused on using better systems and frameworks, in an effort to provide a kind of scaffolding to support change. However, systems and frameworks do not in themselves create a sufficiently strong and stable platform for change to take hold and work. They can certainly help, but they need something else, something to hold everything together and provide a secure base for building upon. That something is people. Change efforts can only work if people – and leaders particularly - make them work. And Leaders can only make change work if they have the ability and skills required to adapt and change. Much of the research on this capacity for change has in recent years come together under the banner of Resilience. In his talk, Michel Buffet will explore what Leadership Resilience is, why it has become increasingly essential for change management, and the practical steps that firms can take to help build it.

About Michel Buffet:

Michel leads YSC’s Leadership Resilience practice in the Americas and delivers a wide array of leadership strategy solutions to organizations. Through his work in executive selection and development, Michel advises C-Suite executives on recruiting and growing the talent they need to realize their organization’s mission. He is passionate about his coaching work, which focuses on helping leaders identify and unleash their potential to accelerate their career progression and personal growth. Over his 20-year career, he has intervened in dozens of Global Fortune 1000 organizations across a wide array of industries including Life Sciences, Financial and Consulting Services, Luxury Goods, Hospitality, and Entertainment. His areas of expertise include Leadership Resilience, Executive Onboarding, and High Potentials Management.

Michel is a former President and Board Member of the Metropolitan NY Association of Applied Psychologists and has presented his work at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) on numerous occasions. He is an adjunct professor in organizational psychology at Columbia University and serves as a mentor to several organizational psychologists. He holds a Graduate Degree from the University of Paris and a PhD from Columbia University. He is a Reserve Officer of the French Navy. He currently lives in Princeton, NJ with his three children.