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Rick Guzzo - Maybe evidence-based practice isn’t what we think it is

Metro is excited to announce Dr. Rick Guzzo as the organization's next speaker! Below is information on Dr. Ruzzo's talk along with his bio. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details: The nature of applied psychology is being more than disrupted by a data-driven world.  Rick Guzzo will tell us how. Evidence-based management (EBM) emphasizes reliance on “best available evidence” to guide practice, and published research is the first place to look for it.  Today’s data-rich organizational world provides alternatives to the EBM approach that minimize one of its major risks, a reliance on “SAFs” (Simplest Available Facts).  The talk addresses these issues using case studies to illustrate.     

About Dr. Rick Guzzo: 

Rick co-leads Mercer’s Workforce Sciences Institute, a research and innovation center, and workswith clients on a wide range of human capital issues.

In addition to R&D responsibilities, Rick delivers data-based advisory work primarily to large, often global clients on a wide range of workforce issues such as performance and productivity, talent retention, leadership development and diversity.  Rick has published four books and dozens of professional articles and book chapters.  Recent publications include “Workforce diversity: An internal labor market approach“ (2015, in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethicity, and Nationalism) and “How big data matters“ (2016, in Big data at work: The data science revolution and organizational psychology).

Prior to joining Mercer Rick was professor of organizational psychology at New York University (1980-89 and at the University of Maryland (1989-97).  A Fellow of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, his BS degree is from The Ohio State University and his PhD is from Yale University.