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Marc Sokol - Executive Coaching 2.0: How to Leverage The Leadership Environment

  • NYU Wasserman Center 133 East 12th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Powerful as executive coaching can be, we only scratch the surface when we restrict our work to one-to-one interaction.  Some coaches shadow the executive in action, but many find this time consuming or beyond the scope of contracted work.  In contrast, I believe we increase impact as we embed ourselves in the executive environment and work with multiple leaders across the same organization.  Coaches often miss out on such opportunities because of over-generalized assumptions regarding privacy that keep the coach only working behind closed doors, over-reliance on narrow professional skillsets, as well as business models that limit our positioning to be where the action occurs.  This session presents an alternative view of how I-O Psychologists can simultaneously engage with several leaders in the same organization, while partnering with HR and senior executives to increase impact with the leaders we seek to develop.  The presentation is based on years of professional practice, sharing illustrations of different ways to expand our approach to executive coaching. 

Marc Sokol has more than 30 years in this profession, working in public and private sectors, internal and external roles, across 30 countries, and as principal of his own business for the past five years.  Marc is also executive editor of People + Strategy Journal, on the editorial board of Consulting Psychology Journal, President-elect for Minnesota Professional Psychologists at Work, and an advisor to the Masters Program in I-O Psychology at University of Maryland, which is also were he received his PhD.  Last year was part of a SIOP panel on sole proprietorship, featuring several members of METRO.