Professional Development

ADEPT-15® Certification Course – NYC

Dates: June 20 - June 21, 2017

The ADEPT-15 certification workshop teaches attendees to use and interpret the ADEPT-15 personality assessment. Participants will be exposed to the following topics:

  • Origins of the ADEPT-15
  • Interpret and explain the ADEPT-15 scales, including in a feedback
  • Describe the work-related behaviors of test-takers on each scale and determine which behaviors will facilitate or hinder job performance
  • Basic theory and practical application of using personality to make employment decisions for selection or promotion and leadership development
  • Skills to provide feedback to a candidate or a hiring manager using the ADEPT-15 reports

For more information and registration please consult Professional Development section of posted documents in our members only section.

 This course is being offered free of charge to current METRO members.